Tofurky and Moocho Introduce New Plant-Based and Dairy-Free Pepperoni Lines at Winter Fancy Food Show 2022

LA VEGAS – Tofurky, the leading independent producer of plant-based meats in the United States, and sister brand Moocho, which improves dairy-free comfort foods, will both present envy-worthy innovations at the Winter Fancy Food Show 2022. Attendees will be some of the first to experience Tofurky’s brand new Pepperoni, Moocho’s collection of new cream cheeses and taste the brand’s shredded cheese.

Both brands are expanding their portfolios of plant-based foods prepared by chefs and made with the highest quality ingredients by bringing more comfort food options to the table so everyone from flexitarians to vegans , can take advantage of it. Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and cholesterol-free, these plant-based favorites cater to the growing number of consumers who are conscious of their food choices and demanding more sustainable options. Additional details include:

  • tofuky pepperoni – This plant-based meat releases complex meaty flavors blended with garlic, mustard and crushed red pepper when hot, and a rich, savory, bold and somewhat spicy flavor with delicious fats earthy when cold. With the ability to char, brown, or blacken at high temperatures, Pepperoni stands out from other plant-based options on the market. It’s the perfect way to add all the bold flavor of pepperoni without any animal-derived ingredients to pizzas, a quick appetizer, charcuterie platter, or lunch and dinner recipes. SRP $4.99, 8 packs per retail case.
  • Moocho Cream Cheese – Free from the eight major allergens, cream cheese provides a rich, tangy flavor using cultured ingredients fermented in the same way as traditional cream cheese making, combined with a creamy, spreadable texture. Available in three varieties, including Strawberry, Garden Vegetable and Simply Yum, they’re great for many recipes, like swirled into creamy batters, whipped into mashed potatoes or spooned onto a freshly toasted bagel. . SRP $4.50, 6 packs per retail case.
  • Moocho grated cheese – Available in Cheddar, Mozzarella, and Fiesta Blend, these allergen-free, dairy-free Shreds use fermented cultures and the aging used in traditional cheese-making techniques to get the best experience from plant-based shredded cheese. Whether sprinkled on a taco or melted to top a pizza and grilled cheese, these shredded cheeses, launching in 2020, are designed to melt and stretch with a unique, velvety flavor and enhance all types of comfort foods. with non-GMO, vegan and cheese foods. perfection. MSRP $4.99, 8 oz. pouches.

Viewers will get a taste of Moocho’s three cream cheese flavors, deliciously spread on bagels. Attendees will also get to sample a favorite comfort food, pizza, incorporating Moocho’s dairy-free Mozzarella Shreds and Tofurky Pepperoni for a savory, plant-based bite.

“We are excited to share our new Plant-Based Cream Cheese, Shredded Cheese and Pepperoni with Winter Fancy Food Show attendees,” said Tofurky and Moocho CEO and President Jaime Athos. “Tofurky and Moocho are taking plant-based foods to the next level. These new options bring affordable and delicious options to the aisles for shoppers demanding more sustainable plant-based foods, as well as foodservice operators hoping to attract new diners with inclusive menu options. From pizzerias to delis to weekly grocery lists, we’ve got new plant-based meats and dairy that can easily be incorporated into recipes and other favorites.

Certified Benefit Corporations, Tofurky and Moocho put purpose before profit and reinvest in a wide variety of environmental initiatives, champion animal welfare and invest in the community. The brands have always focused on sustainability and activism, including lobbying for labeling reform, but this new venture takes activism even further. As a B-Corp., each brand is subject to public audits of supply chain, employee well-being and environmental practices. All Tofurky and Moocho products are vegan and use local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Tofurky Pepperoni and Moocho Cream Cheese will be available in 2022. For sales information, please email [email protected] For more information about Tofurky, visit or find the brand on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. For more information about Moocho, visit or follow the brand on Instagram.

About Tofurki

Founded in 1980, Tofurky is the nation’s leading independent plant-based protein producer, making lip-smacking plant-based foods that are good for people, animals and the environment. All of Tofurky’s chef prepared foods are made with the highest quality ingredients and are indulgent ways for everyone from vegans to flexitarians to enjoy their favorite comfort foods. All Tofurky products are 100% non-GMO, vegan, and use local and organic ingredients wherever possible. As a Certified Benefit Corporation, Tofurky puts purpose before profit and reinvests in a wide variety of environmental initiatives, champions animal welfare, and invests in its community. For more information, visit, “like” us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter.

About Moocho

Founded in 2019, Moocho is a brand for dairy-free enthusiasts past, present and future, born out of a revolution in new-school recipes and simple, modern ingredients. Moocho aims to provide tasty, affordable and accessible dairy-free foods with a texture shoppers crave. It brings a new generation of plant-based pleasures to the table and bridges the gap between what’s currently on offer and what consumers want. All Moocho products are 100% non-GMO, vegan and gluten-free. Moocho is a Certified Benefit Corporation that reinvests in environmental initiatives, champions environmental conservation, and invests in its community. In addition to Moocho’s do-good corporate actions; its supply chain and suppliers are audited for fair labor practices and ingredient specifications to ensure that all contributions to the finished product are met and hold integrity. For more information, visit or follow us on Instagram.

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