Utah Organic Farming and How It Affects Us All

(good things utah) For years, Taste Utah hosts have searched high and low for the most delicious and unique dining experiences in the state. They unearthed delicious local gems and connected the community to amazing local businesses.

“We love to tell you where to dine, we love to tell you about the different deals chefs and restaurateurs have to offer,” says Katy Sine, host of Taste Utah. “Utah has such a unique agricultural history.”

In past seasons, Taste Utah has emphasized local brands with a mission to be completely organic and sustainable. During their travels, they introduced us to some notable local businesses, including:

The famous Tagus fruit and vegetable farm

A well-established Utah-based company, Tagge’s Farm offers a wide selection of organic, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables. You can find them at many local Utah stores near you, giving you a quick way to get organic produce straight from farm to table. To watch their episode on Taste Utah, click HERE.

PaMaw’s Farm

This family farm is located in a very small town called Daniel in Wasatch County. Growing exclusively organic food, PaMaw’s Farm sources its supplies from local restaurants in all areas of Northern Utah. To watch their episode on Taste Utah, click HERE.

R&A Hydroponics

Growing organic produce in a local hydroponic facility, this company has set up channels with restaurants throughout Utah to provide them with a consistent supply of food year-round. To watch their episode on Taste Utah, click HERE.

Intermountain Gourmet Mushrooms

Exclusively growing and harvesting mushrooms, this Ogden-based farm produces up to 1,000 pounds of mushrooms every week. They can be found in northern Utah grocery chains. To watch their episode on Taste Utah, click HERE.


Focusing on the topic of food and its importance to our health, acclaimed author and director Raj Patel will host two events at Tanner Center for Humanities at the University of Utah April 13-14. Both events are free to the public.

April 13 – 7:00 p.m..

A projection of The ants and the grasshopper at Broadway Center Cinemas and a Q&A with Patel after the screening.

April 14 – 12:00 p.m..

A Tanner Talk at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts will feature Patel in discussion with Tanner Humanities Center director Erika George.

Raj Patel – Writer, Director, Host

“Often when we sit in a restaurant, we see the fruits of a chef’s labor, and even the fruits of a farmer’s labor, but we don’t necessarily think: where does this food come from? What are the hands that cultivate it? And are we supporting these different farming practices that lead to sustainability? »

Watch a brand new episode of Taste Utah every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on ABC4 Utah. To see more episodes, find them online at TasteUtah.com.

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