Vacation and learn organic farming at this beautiful farm made from cow dung, bamboo and mud

Rohan Sudhir Thackeray

Many townspeople are curious about village life and organic farming. The houses built in the middle of the fields and the traditional kutcha houses of the village are interesting and beautiful.

But today we are going to tell you about a farm in Maharashtra where visitors can directly interact with the farmers who live in the village and also like to live in a traditional house.

Rohan Sudhir Thackeray, a resident of Ainshet, a small village near the town of Wada in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, shares his remarkable experience. On his 9 acre farm, he built a conventional farm. He is also a farmer who practices organic farming.

Learning about organic farming in Israel

Rohan was born into a farming family. He traveled to Thane for his studies in 2007. While still in the city, he studied security management and started his own security business. He collaborated with an Israeli tech company and used to travel to the country frequently.

In his village, Rohan owned 1 acre of ancestral land. After learning about organic farming in Israel, Rohan bought an additional 8 acres of property in 2018 and started growing watermelon, vada kolam, and a variety of other crops organically. Two other farmers from the village followed him and started practicing organic farming. During this time, visitors from nearby towns frequented his farm.

During last year’s lockdown, he built residences inside his farm which was completed in August. Following this, he launched a Facebook page called Farm 360.

Ecological forest cottage and farmer’s house

Rohan constructed a farm stay near Mumbai in various ways. In their fields, he built thatched cottages. He designed Forest Cottage with a natural cooling system in mind. The farmer’s house was built with a combination of bamboo, cow dung and clay. He is currently working on another chalet, this one will be made of lime, wood and clay.

We developed it with minimal expense, ”Rohan said, adding that local clay and wood from the villagers, as well as reused doors and windows, were used. “It’s a 450 square foot cabin.”.

The farmer’s house has a 3 foot dirt wall which was covered with cow manure. Even on hot summer days there is a pleasant breeze.

Rohan said the Forest Cottage was built by Prithi Jai Narayan, who is an architect from South India. About this chalet, he says, “We built it on the basis of a natural cooling system. It is made of red clay brick. In this we did not use cement plaster. In addition, have mesh ventilation, so that the light and coolness is maintained. This cottage also has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It cost Rs 6 lakh to do it.

Farm 360 connects agriculture and rural life

He has also built a canteen space on his farm, where guests are organic and simple food served. He named this canteen Kibbutz. It is the name of a community in Israel that is associated with agriculture.

Rohan said that at the farm the prepared food is completely organic and is served in banana leaves. A place like this works to connect you completely with nature.

He said that in the future he plans to make a wine from Vada Kolam Rice & Watermelon on his farm. Thus, he wishes to promote organic farming by manufacturing more and more by-products. Other than that he’s building another chalet these days. He said the third chalet is slightly larger than the previous ones.

Hats off to this great man and his great visions !!!!

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