Vinacontrol: Supporting the development of organic farming in Vietnam

Organic farming is a growing trend in the global cause of consumer health and environmental sustainability.

On June 7, 2022, Vinacontrol cooperated with the Center for Organic Agriculture (Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association) and People’s Committee of Vu Quang District – Ha Tinh Province to hold a training conference on organic agricultural production on orange and citrus trees for the servants and the gardener of this region. The conference is held in the form of an online publication for 10 municipalities and municipalities. The training session aims to help the services concerned and the gardeners to have more knowledge on the cultivation of oranges and citrus fruits according to biological processes, towards a sustainable agriculture, bringing a strong economic value.

According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vu Quang, the entire district currently has nearly 3,400 hectares of fruit trees; in which, with orange trees more than 2,600 ha. The growth of fruit areas using biological processes will improve product quality, stabilize production and increase people’s incomes.

During the conference, experts from Vinacontrol and Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association communicated, exchanged and guided relevant department officials and gardeners in Vu Quang area to better understand the benefits of organic agriculture. . As a result, the organic production of oranges and fruit trees will help the land retain its fertility, not destroy beneficial organisms, balance the agricultural ecosystem and control plant pests. Therefore, the plants grow and develop better. In particular, the biological process (not using chemical fertilizers, preservatives and pesticides) will create quality products that are safe for consumers and bring great economic efficiency.

In the presentation, Mr. Le Van Hau – Chief of Service of Development Department (Vinacontrol Ho Chi Minh) gave an overview of the current situation of the development of organic agriculture in Vietnam and the benefits brought to the parties when the product is certified. Furthermore, he raised some outstanding issues and the process of evaluation and certification of organic agricultural products.

As an experienced organization in organic agriculture certification and a member of Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association, Vinacontrol always wants to bring the most practical things to accompany the development of Vietnam organic agriculture.

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